Coding Update 2015

Did you know that the codes are updated every year? Join us for a review of the new codes that take effect in 2015. We’ll also go over tips on how to implement them into your practice. Don’t risk slowed claim payments by using old terminology.

2013 Duncan

Join Teresa Duncan, MS, FADIA, FADDOM, on Tuesday, January 13th, 1:00 p.m EST. Click here to register.


The Future of Dentistry 

PPO dominance and lack of busyness are top concerns of dentists. New graduates are weighing options as corporations can offer cash, security, and relief from employee headaches – – it is the new quick-start option to service debt, and gain experience and education. Even established dentists who are looking to transition their practice see a way to sell without the hassle of finding a qualified buyer, particularly the large practice. The growth of corporate and dentist-owned group practice is a real risk to most solo practices.

PPO plans are dominating the marketplace with an 80% share while indemnity plans are only 9%. Out of-network practices are less than 15% of the market and declining. As a result of heavy competition, multiple Deltas are cutting reimbursements and some require PPO participation to join Delta Premier.

So what is the answer? What is the best for the future of dentistry? Learn the best options for the traditional practice’s survival: how to counter-punch, when to join PPOs, etc. Unfortunately, the private practice challenge is beyond physicians and many dentists. This in-depth look at the demise of a cottage industry will be an eye opener for attendees!

1. The participant will gain knowledge into the future of dentistry.
2. The participant will learn how to counter corporate dentistry with the traditional practice.
3. The participant will gain knowledge of how PPOs work, when to join, and how write-offs can be minimized.

Charles Blair Color_Current 2015

Join Dr. Charles Blair, DDS on Wednesday, February 18th at 1:00 p.m. EST. Click here to register.

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